Best Pressure Washer For Car Wash Business Buying Guide



Why should you need the best pressure washer for your car wash business?

When you start a car wash business, the most important thing that you should consider is having the right equipment  – quality pressure washers.

Pressure car washers are the best when it comes to choosing a car washer.

It is necessary to have proper equipment while using a pressure car washer.

Buying guide of a pressure washer for car wash business

For car wash business owners, sometimes choosing or buying the right pressure washer can be a tough decision.

Here’s a buying guide of a pressure washer for your car business.

  1. It’s crucial to determine the tasks/jobs for which the washer will be used. Different applications require different washers with different pressure levels. If you are washing a car, then you need to buy a washer that delivers 700 pounds of PSI. If you are planning to clean the concrete driveway, then you might need a washer that delivers 3000 PSI.
  2. Determine the number of times you are going to use the washer. If you are buying for your car wash business, then you need a commercial model that can be used on a regular basis and might exceed 100 hours a year.
  3. Determine whether your washer needs cold or hot water. Most of the washers used cold water as they are light weighted and have simpler designs. If a pressure washer requires hot water, try buying a model that has a heating coil in it. In order to clean the washer, you can make use of hot water. This will clean and sanitize the animal cages. Hot water pressure washers are heavier and often require some type of fuel to operate.
  4. Determine the type of pressure washers you are going to need for your business. The washers powered by electricity are applicable for commercial use. Washers powered by gas are used where electricity is not available. For a car wash business, one must go with the electric ones. These are convenient and efficient as they require an electric outlet for their source of power.

Reasons why the best pressure washer is needed for a car wash business:

  1. It saves a lot of time. Car washing requires time, and most people ignore so because they cannot afford to spend time at the car wash. A good pressure washer makes the work easy and takes less than ten minutes to clean your car nicely.
  2. A good pressure washer helps to clean tough filth. It cleans tough dirt, which includes grease, oil stain, and other bird droppings.
  3. It gets into all the problematic spots which are generally unreachable while using an ordinary car washer. That cleans all the spots, which include cracks, corners, gutters, and overhangs.
  4. Having a quality pressure washer is vital because it is cost-effective.

A pressure washer should be a one-time investment, and it should give you benefit for a long period of time.

It is recommended to buy the quality ones rather than investing money in cheaper ones over and over again.

Product reviews of the pressure washer for car wash business

Here we have researched and selected top-rated pressure washers for your car wash business.

So read our reviews and buying guides.

1. Sun Joe SPX3000 2020 Max PSI GPM electric pressure washer

Sun Joe SPX3000 2030 Max PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5-Amp Electric High Pressure Washer, Cleans Cars/Fences/Patios
It is considered one of the best pressure washers for the car business. It gives the most water flow rate with 1.76 gallons per minute.

That has a 14.5-amp motor, which promotes superb cleaning.

It has quick connected spray tips and comes with an auto total stop system.

Besides car cleaning, it can tackle a variety of cleaning tasks.

You can use it for cleaning your homes, buildings, RV’s, boats, decks, lawns, driveways, etc.

The Sun Joe pressure washer comes with two different 0.9-liter onboard detergent tanks, which are removable.

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  • This device works well for tough jobs as it gives water pressure, which generates up to 2030 PSI/1.76 GPM.
  • The auto TSS feature of Sun Joe makes it a great energy-saving device too.
  • It is pocket-friendly. All the effectiveness and features of this device make it completely affordable.
  • It comes with an extra 35-foot long power cord with GFCI protection. This gives greater reach.


  • One might notice occasional leaks in its connections. The supplied hose connector has the tendency to leak sometimes.
  • It is not durable

2. Greenworks 1500 PSI 13 Amp 1.2 GPM pressure washer

Greenworks 1500 PSI 13 Amp 1.2 GPM Pressure Washer GPW1501
This is the second-best pressure car washer for a car wash business. It is powered by a 13-amplifier motor with a 1950 PSI pump.

The high capacity rate of flow blasts through grime, dirt and delivers good cleaning of your vehicle.

The maximum inlet water temperature is 104 F.

This device can be used both vertically and horizontally.

The pressure has a quick connect tip, which is used for a variety of cleaning applications.

It also has a built-in soap tank and a soap applicator that can apply soap to clean any surface.

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  • The GreenWorks pressure washer comes with all accessories. It becomes easy to assemble them without any hassle.
  • It is best suited for washing cars, trucks, and boats.
  • The rotary brush makes the device versatile.
  • It also has a surface cleaner.
  • The device is compact and lightweight.
  • It can easily be stored and transported anywhere.
  • That gives the right power through the quick connecting nozzles.
  • It comes with no batteries. So it does not require charging. All you need to do is plug and start your work


  • The device is pricey for its features.
  • For some car owners, the 1.2 GPM water flow may not be powerful enough to clean their cars.

3. AR AnnoviReverberi AR390SS electric pressure washer

AR ANNOVI REVERBERI AR390SS Electric Pressure Washer, Pressue, Grey
The AnnoviReverberi product is more powerful with 1900 PSI rating and tends to provide more capacity, which has a volume of 1.5 GPM.

The product has a quick-release spray gun. It also has a 35-foot power cord with an auto-reset module, such that you do not have to stay near your electric outlet while cleaning.

It comes with a washer gun, pressure washer wand, a 30-foot high-pressure hose, detergent tank, and 4 quick pressure washer nozzles.

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  • It has an auto shut-off feature.
  • It is compact and has a lightweight design. Hence, it can hold plenty of water.
  • When compared with garden hoses, it tends to produce 40% more power by using 80% less water.
  • The AnnoviReverberi comes with an extra-long cord, which gives a greater reach.
  • The accompanying attachments and accessories make it versatile. You just need to pull the product’s equipment out of the box, insert the hose reel, and attach the handle. Connect the hose and plug the trigger to start cleaning your car.
  • It is durable.
  • That has an extra-rugged construction design.
  • It is quieter than other gas engine models.


  • The plastic hose of the product has the chance of leakage.
  • AnnoviReverberi uses high pressure for cleaning. This can often lead the hose to get tangled.
  • Sometimes the pressure delivery is not consistent.

4. SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot Gas pressure washer

Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer Powered by Honda GC190, 3200 PSI at 2.5 GPM, black
This product can be used to clean your cars, driveways, RV’s, paint prep, and more. It offers 3200 PSI, 2.5GPM, and uses Honda GC190 engine.

It has 4 quick connect tips. The 10’’ Pneumatic wheel makes it one of the best pressure car washers in the market.

It gives you maximum performance with minimal investment.

You can use it for cleaning decks, patios, house siding, furniture, and other home exterior items.

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  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • It starts with just one pull.
  • The product comes with the correct size of the container for engine oil, which can be easily poured into the crankcase. All you need to do is add gas to the fuel tank, and your pressure car washer is ready to use.
  • It provides durability. The heavy-duty matte black steel frame tube and the base plate are free from corrosion.
  • The tires increase stability and shock absorption.


  • The engine can vibrate sometimes.
  • The product can also have leakage issues.

5. Sun Joe SPX3000-MAX 2800 MAX PSI 1.30 GPM

Sun Joe SPX3000-MAX 2800 MAX PSI 1.30 GPM High Performance Brushless Induction Pressure Washer
The Sun Joe pressure washer has the most requested features. It has 20-foot steel reinforced high-pressure hose.

The dual onboard detergent tanks allow you to store two different types of detergent simultaneously.

It is the best pressure car washer for the car business.

The 14.5-amp induction motor not only lasts longer but also runs quieter and blasts up to 2800 PSI pressure.

When compared with the traditional universal motors, it tends to work cooler.

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  • The brushless induction motor can generate up to 2800 PSI, which gives maximum cleaning power.
  • It comes with detergent tanks.
  • That also has 5 onboard quick-connect spray tips. These tips are useful for tracking heavy-duty cleaning tasks.
  • It has TSS features. This feature allows the washer to automatically shut off the pump when the trigger is not engaged. This increases pump life.
  • It’s versatile as it can tackle cleaning homes, buildings, RV’s, cars, trucks, boats, decks, etc.
  • That is not necessary to change the nozzle every time as it comes with an adjustable spray wand.


  • It is a bit on the costlier side.

6. Stanley SHP2150 Powerful pressure washer

Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer with Spray Gun, Quick Connect Nozzles Foam Cannon, 25' Hose, Max PSI 2150, 1.4 GPM
Stanley offers uncompromising products that come with exceptional qualities.

It has a PSI rating of 2150 and 1.4 GPM water flow.

The design is made in such a way that it prevents any kind of leakage.

It is made of professional-grade brass. It cleans siding, decks, pavement, pools, outdoor furniture, garbage cans, etc.

The product comes with a pressure washer gun, pressure washer wand, pressure hose, quick connect nozzles and o-ring replacement kit.

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  • It offers a quiet operation, unlike the traditional motor pressure washers.
  • It is lightweight and is having a compact design.
  • That ranks as one of the best because it comes with a complete array of accessories.
  • The Stanley pressure washer saves 80% of water consumption.
  • It offers 43 times greater water pressure, unlike the conventional garden hose.
  • The brass fittings help to prevent any kind of leaks by securing the connections.


  • The look and feel are on the cheaper side because of the plastic body and wheels.
  • It is expensive.
  • That is not having any built-in detergent tank.
  • It has only foam canons.

7. PRYMAX pressure washer 3000 PSI 1.85 GPM electric power washer

PRYMAX Electric Power Washer 3000 PSI 1.85 GPM Car Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel and Interchangeable Nozzles, Red
This washer is one of the ideal professional washers for removing road tar, tree sap, and insect splats from cars.

The product comes in a kit which contains the below things.

A high-pressure washer, one spray gun, a 35-foot power cord with GFCI protection, a high-pressure hose, extension spray wand, 4 nozzles, foam cannon, garden hose adapter, and a needle clean-out tool.

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  • It has a futuristic, rugged, and cool design.
  • This system is 50% faster than other systems, as well as washes and clean surfaces faster.
  • It consumes low energy.
  • It operates quietly than the traditional motor pressure washer.
  • That is a durable system.
  • It is also easy to maintain.
  • It has an automated TSS. This increases safety.
  • That does not require changing the nozzle every time as the nozzle wand is adjustable.


  • The product is a bit pricey.
  • It is also quite heavy.
  • The 1.85 GPM is not enough for a pressure washer output.

How to choose a pressure washer for your car business?

If you are thinking of buying a pressure washer for your car business, then you must go through the below points.

This will help you to choose the best pressure washer.

1.If you are buying a pressure washer for any commercial use, find a pressure washer that does routine cleaning tasks.

It should be able to maintain your property, your hardstand, vehicle fleets, garage, workshop floor, and other farm/agricultural jobs.

There are two types of pressure washers: commercial one with small to medium duties and the other with medium to heavy commercial duties.

2. The medium to the heavy commercial duty pressure washer is made for intensive commercial tasks, big business-specific heavy cleaning.

They come in electric, petrol, and diesel-powered options.

3. Besides, there are gas and electric pressure washers.

Electric pressure washers are comparatively cheaper than gas-powered ones.

Electric ones have an extended life span, whereas gas pressure washers clean with twice power.

Gas-powered pressure washers are louder and produce more power, whereas electric ones are quieter and have less power.

4. Choose between hot and cold pressure washers. The washers which used cold water for cleaning are more portable.

They are less complicated than hot ones. The hot pressure washers promote better cleaning and faster cleaning by using less soap.

User guide of a pressure washer for car wash businesses:

There are several questions that can pop up in your mind regarding pressure car washers.

There are a few reasons which prove that pressure washing your car can be a good choice.

It should be quick and easy:

Hand washing a car is a tedious task and requires more materials, whereas a pressure washer makes the work easier.

It makes use of a high-pressure hose to remove all the dirt.

It should minimize the scratches:

If you are hand washing your car, the chances are that you can get scratches.

High-pressure car washers keep the dirt and girt away and avoid direct contact with the paint of the car’s surface.

You can either use a foam cannon or detergent powder with your pressure washer to clean your car.

If you are pressure washing your car for the first time, go slow. First, rinse the heavy dirt off the vehicle lightly and gently.

Spray some soap on the surface of the vehicle as well as in the wheel wells.

Now use a pressure washer to rinse the vehicle from top to bottom thoroughly.

Top features of a pressure washer for car wash business

Some of the top features to look for in a pressure washer for your car business are given below:

The nozzles:

The nozzles should be a rotating one as it provides high-powered spray if it’s rotating in a circular motion.

It tends to reduce cleaning time drastically. These are well suited for larger concrete areas and for areas that are tough to clean.


The wands should be interchangeable and adjustable.

The adjustable ones help you to get a variety of spray patterns without even swapping the nozzle tips, whereas the interchangeable ones can be used for patio cleaner heads.

There’s absolutely no need to change or adjust the nozzle tip.

Detergents and detergent tanks:

pressure washer detergents are available in different types.

They play an important role in cleaning your car/vehicle.

Some of them are chemically approved. The tank helps to hold the detergent rather than carrying it separately.


Most of the pressure washers are installed with brushes. The brushes can easily clean the car’s surface without even damaging the paint.

Interchangeable nozzle tip:

The nozzle tip plays a role in altering the pressure and flow settings.

Wider spray nozzle tips offer more coverage and low pressure as compared to the narrow spray nozzle tip.

When you are applying detergent, always choose the low-pressure tips.

The patio head cleaners:

They come in hard and soft fittings, which tend to clean the surface settings much faster than a nozzle.

Sandblasting tubes:

A pressure washer with sandblasting tubes uses sand, which can remove dirt from metal surfaces.

Why do we recommend those pressure washers for the car wash business?

There are a number of pressure washers available in the market. Some of them claim to be the best ones for your car business.

But if you purchase them, they end up not meeting your expectations.

Choosing the best one from a wide variety of pressure washers becomes a tough job.

We have prepared a list that has the best pressure washers for your business.

They are listed down based on counting all the customer reviews and their preferences.

The above products mentioned are budget-friendly.

Why should you buy a pressure washer from Amazon?

Amazon is that e-commerce platform that acts as a one-stop for all of your requirements. No doubt, Amazon is considered the best of the lot.

It not only helps you to categorize the products of the same kind but also lets you compare the prices with specification details.

Amazon delivers the product at your doorstep on time.

It also has return and replacement policies, in case you are not satisfied with the received product.

They take care of all the logistic issues.


When you are buying a pressure washer for your car wash business, always opt for the quality brand.

Good pressure washers are reliable, easy to use, and give better output.

Depending on your preference, buy a pressure washer that suits your business well.

A good pressure washer improves the car’s appearance, saves time as well as water.

If you are washing your car using a pressure washer on a regular basis, it will tend to boost your car’s visual appeal and increase the life of the paint job too.

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